I think may of us would agree with with my view that the Nkandla issue is now becoming a bore and a broken record, we need to come to a conclusive end to this saga surrounding the private residence of the president of this Republic. I know for a fact that this debacle spiced with the well known chant of “Pay back the money” has sparked a huge row and interest in those who never thought they would follow or watch parliamentary channel on their television screens…

The report by the Public Protector titled “Secure in Comfort” revealed the rampant corruption throughout the project spearheaded by Public Works Department, surely heads rolled and internal disciplinary processes are taking place on those who are alleged to have had their hands in the Nkandla cookie jar.

But one can ask, is Nkandla just a single representation of the loop holes in our entire procurement systems or was this just a tip on an iceberg in how this cancer of corruption is slowly eating our entire government system?

Possibilities are abound on how we can reduce the Nkandla issue in how we should overhaul our procurement laws and procedures, thanks to Nkandla we can now breath a sigh of fresh air that this government does not take incidents of financial maladministration lightly.

However we should as a society not be found personalizing the Nkandla issue to an extent that we forget the bigger picture, yes the report did point out that the president must pay a reasonable amount on the non security related upgrades on his private residence, a recommendation which Zuma instructed the Minister of Police to come to a determination on the amount he his is duly responsible for within the stipulated over R250 milIon costs incurred.

Like any mature democracy, opposition parties are coming down very hard on president Zuma on that he must do the honorable thing and pay the money, however surely the opposition can’t expect Zuma to one day wake and go to parliament in admission that he will pay sizable portion of the total money spent so far on Nkandla upgrades, naturally Zuma needs a reasonable time to make sure that this Nkandla issue does not backfire not only to him but to the entire country.

The people out there suggests that the president doesn’t want to account to parliament over the Nkandla issue, my view is that how Zuma handles this hot potato would really determine how he will be perceived throughout his term till 2019, ideally Nkandla will either strengthen or weaken Zuma’s legacy and administration. His office and the ANC clearly do not take this debacle lightly, reciprocally so, if Zuma takes a fall, the ANC will be terribly shaken.

Again, we need to get over this Nkandla saga, so that we all continue with our lives without any dark cloud hanging on top of our country…

*Teboho Modise is a writer, blogger and political commentator*