By: Teboho Modise 10 February 2015

We live in very interesting political times indeed, where people always scramble to find true political role models and well reckoned public figures, in this tricky search, people tend to fall for everything available out there. Some even want to define politics on deep moral basis, where the mistake of one political opponent is what is normally related to “one man’s poison, is another man’s food”. This narrative especially in our South African context stamps the hard reality that we are in a dire need for political leaders with high levels or decisiveness and progressive political vision.

A prudent question that one ask is that, is our country capable produce leaders who inspires confidence and hope?

I understand that anything that is written which has the name of Julius Malema in it is viewed as anti-Julius and not pro-EFF, but this assertion cannot obviously fester without any reason or fact, we all know why EFF was formed and its a known fact that after the expulsion of Malema and his right hand-men, the two were left out in the cold and were reduced to an unpleasant political wilderness. But could the ANC through its disciplinary committee could have reached a different conclusion apart from the expulsion verdict, I personally doubt in my view.

The writing was on the wall, the ANC and Julius has clearly fell out favor with each other and the only amicable solution was to part ways in 2011, EFF was then hatched, a party which is now representing anything with a suffix of “ism” ideology from Marxism to Fanonism, how a modern party can base their political conviction or position if any on such ideologies which sometimes carry huge deep contradictions in themselves, one can only wonder. Julius by many who fell out of favor with the current ANC leadership under the leadership of president Jacob Zuma is seen as a hero, a solution and remedy to stale South African oppositional politics, the red blood needed to be injected in our post democratic political arena.

However not strange enough, those who served with Julius in the ANC Youth League and those who believes the formation of his party was premature and ill-advised, are adamant that Julius and EFF is a funded project aimed at portraying Zuma’s administration as a failure and as a government that is only adamant to enrich a selected few connected comrades. They say this can be proved in many instances, from Zuma being labeled as an unrepentant polygamist to Zuma being the worst supposedly thief ever, by using the Nkandla issue as a scapegoat.

The current infightings in this new baby in politics, has proved that South Africa is still not ready yet for any black dominated party to challenge the ANC, although we live in a multi-party democracy, a political environment which is healthy, those who believe the EFF will dismantle the ANC from power are yet to be surprised yet again carbon copy of COPE led by Lekota, a party which bit the unpleasant political dust, EFF once again proved that it does not fall within the category of a political party that can be celebrated as a historic and hero-like birth of a party that can redefine our political landscape moving onward.

Only EFF can help itself from this apparent demise, the party needs to do a serious introspection if it is to rescue itself from its internally brewing storm which might wipe it away into political oblivion on what Malema has worked on supposedly so hard, EFF is his only last political bail-out, without Malema clearly EFF won’t be red enough…

*Teboho Modise is a writer, blogger and political commentator*