By: Teboho Modise                                      04 February 2015

It’s common and prevalent that those who enjoyed political closeness and ally-like relations to wake one day and be on each others throats, it takes a number and considerable series of developments for those who used that to drink from the same political well to come out guns blazing publicly denouncing each other.

The new political baby in our South African political sphere called Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) most recently couldn’t be spared from internal political volcano to erupt abruptly into the open since their landmark People’s National Assembly held in December last year in Bloemfontein, in the Free State.

Allegations are rife that an unscrupulous list was circulated during nominations and election processes, this list was said to have been “cooked” to favor those aligned to the EFF’s top six leaders whom most of them were elected uncontested including EFF leader Julius Malema.

EFF’s internal conflict(s) surely are of interest in what many would agree with me that EFF promised that it will never fall on the same trap that COPE, UDM and others are the political victims of, initially parties which have their deep rooted political convictions on that of the ANC seems to be following the same pattern of disintegration, whether this reality is good or not for our young democracy, surely the ANC and the DA will be the biggest winners if EFF is structurally weakened moving forward.

But the most pertinent question that I ask is that, can EFF get rid of its “one man party syndrome” a state that glorifies a certain individual leader, who in one stance is linked to the birth of a party. Obviously in retaliation, EFF can claim that those who are opposed to the current elected leaders are power hungry and are public sympathy seekers who don’t understand fully the party’s democratic centralism if any.

Ramakatsa, Andile and other leaders who were sidelined in the buildup or post EFF’s elective conference has before signaled that all is not good in the EFF and it was only a matter of time before the internal leadership battles cracks will start to resurface and be in the open…

These apparent leadership tussles although normal but not healthy in political organization has potential to further strengthen the party or they can crumble the fighter’s party into political wilderness which will not be a new feature in our political landscape.

After all, EFF must never forget that it was voted by over a million voters and these voters are watching developments within EFF with hawk’s eyes, before EFF can know it, they will again have to face the same voters next next year asking for votes and it might prove difficult for the party to regain the same zest of confidence most of these voters had in the last year’s general elections.

*Teboho Modise is a writer, political commentator and a blogger*