As the African National Congress (ANC) today go on about the main event in further marking the oldest liberation movement in Afrika turning 103 years, the president of the ANC Jacob Zuma is expected to deliver what is famously known in the ANC ranks as the January 8 statement.

The ANC throughout the week leading to this year’s birthday celebrations promised to fill the over 50 000 capacity stadium with tens of thousands of its members, painting the city yellow.

The ANC’s Constitution mentions very clear that ANC members joins the party voluntarily, the question is how do current members translate this in saying the oldest liberation movement in Africa has reached a point where members should now show their allegiance.

To join the ANC is voluntary and participation too is out of a said comrade’s initiative and interest. Then this translates to a thought that when people associate themselves with a certain party or any other organization initially there’s a question of which interest and keen benefit can a person derive from such involvement.

Indeed something must give, however when now a person becomes a member of a political party because of selfish and greedy interest then, there’s a serious problem where now deep down a said comrade’s heart will within conjecture a thinking that by hook or crook he must wholesomely benefit.

And when this expectation and ‘reward’ does not come forth, then people start to lose the initial interest and vigor that they had after joining a said political party.

Organizations are strengthened by its core structural human capability and force, hence members of political parties are encouraged to learn the party’s culture; tradition and fundamental policies, this when properly gone through and this collection of paramount documents are engraved in a cadre’s thought and conviction , then such a party can pride itself with having reached a matured political space where its strength will reside with informed and well articulative branches.

Without doubt members of a party form a formidable structure and fundamental truism which a party tap in at anytime when a need arise, this beckons a critical call for well established matured political parties to put more emphases on building their cadre block, this is where now party political education comes in with own high importance, meaning every member joining a party is compelled to go through this significant period which cannot be ignored.

Party politics should focus on unity and cohesiveness which will be the glue to members finding their rightful place within a party, a party has an incredible and enormous duty in installing and enabling this atmosphere to rein.

This thought brings a very significant factor into the fore, leadership elected into power are expected to make sure that organizational systems provides for members to engage fully with them together with having robust sometimes progressively radical engagements with each other.

Leadership thus have in them the ability to put views forward which will inculcate an environment which breeds respect and maximum tolerance to opposing views.

Lastly, checks and balances needs to be put in place in monitoring the effectiveness of programmes such as political education and any other forms of body politic development a party is dishing out to its members, the benefits of well articulative and informed cadreship are endless, members are the first line of defense, in them lies the core center-ship on whether a party will grow or a party will reach a cal-desac…

*Teboho Modise writes in his personal capacity*