The last Sunday national elections in Lesotho were supposed to have been a watershed elections in the Basotho Mountain Kingdom finding a reprieve putting into power a party that would have entirely catered for their wishes and hopes in Lesotho in the future coming out of extreme poverty it faced with. However the recent election results painted a different picture has set a worrying political landscape which in my view Lesotho would take a miracle to revert.

But the pertinent question one is tempted to ask is that, are the people in Lesotho in need of a miracle which no one has a guarantee when it will fall upon the over 2 million landlocked country or the Basotho nation is comfortable with the prevalent poverty underdevelopment? In my opinion the real answer lies in the hands of the very same people who will now be led by a coalition government led by Democratic Congress (DC), a party of the former Prime Minister Phakaditha Mosisidi, who himself left the government about two years ago under a dark cloud and serious accusations of maladministration…

Lest we forget as voters, the more as electorates find ourselves in a serious tight-spot of being led by tyrants and draconian states, however within the mist of the elections outcome one is yet reminded that this is Afrika, anything is possible. The intervention of South Afrika through mediation efforts mooted by the SADC Troika, marathon negotiations facilitated by the former CODESA lead negotiator Cyril Ramaphosa yielded positive results in putting all stakeholders involved to broker a deal of early elections held on the 28 February 2015.

I believe in one way or the other electorates need to understand the power and privilege they hold in their hands in making sure that their elected leaders become accountable and they rule over a transparent governing administration which is people centered and one which prioritizes the hopes and aspirations of the majority of who lives in abject poverty and high rate of unemployment…

We can only hope that the coalition government works within their political ideological differences and party interest in making sure that peace and unity reigns in the mountain kingdom. The thriving economic environment in that country would make serious strides in alleviating poverty and underdevelopment.

Pula, Nala

*Teboho Modise is a writer, blogger and political commentator*